Oliver di Place Music Videos reviews "Annabelle" Video Single from "A Game of Swans"

Review of "Annabelle" video single from Oliver di Place Music Videos: "This video has great power in its simplicity, and I hope I would somehow have found it if it hadn't found me. The music is haunting, with a percussive pulse and basic backing guitar supporting Dillon's bluesy lead and understated vocal. The lyrics ask the listener to fill in details, so your interpretation may be different from mine. That is something great art can do, so I won't say anything to spoil it for you. The visual finds an amazing balance, providing concrete details while still leaving the viewer's imagination free to roam". #MusicVideo, #FolkMusic, #NancyKDillon https://www.facebook.com/Oliver-di-Place-Music-Videos-1690349161200571/