Maverick UK reviews "Roses Guide To Time Travel"

    "An exquisite talent is allowed to prove herself in a relaxed environment" ~ Maverick UK ~ Russell Hill ~4-1/2 Stars (out of 5)

    Growing up in the dusty plains of Oklahoma just six blocks away from Route 66, this closeness to one of America's legendary transportation highways must have made an impression on a young Nancy due to the evident quality on these eleven songs. Like other respected artists that were raised close to places of travel, her longing to get up on her feet and see what's out there is evident on many songs as are other subjects of life.

    With an old timey feel in the same vein of the Carter Family, "Looks Like Rain" moves along at a fine pace and is in fact the best song on the album when you consider the originality of the accompaniment, in particular the fiddling and mandolin picking. "Portland" is sparsely done but this is to the song's benefit. It paints a delightful picture of the city which leaves its audience longing to visit its shores. Having no previous urge to visit this Oregon location it is a triumph of a song which leaves a previously unwilling person wanting to go there simply because of a four and a half minute song.

    Nancy's songs are superior when compared to even the most successful of contemporary Nashville artists, and the movers and shakers of Music Row should sit up and pay attention to what she has to say. Having shared the stage with the likes of Gretchen Peters, Guy Clark and Ray Wylie Hubbard you realise when listening to this album why those openings have happened.