Belgium's Rootsville reviews "Roses Guide To Time Travel" - review by SWA

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    "Just let me dream ..... " No doubt "Sweet Honey" Nancy K. Dillon in 2004 dreamed of a very successful career and, to be honest, with "Just Let Me Dream" and valued contributions to the albums of other artists including Michael Hill, John Nelson, Gavin Sutherland, Ian Lang and MJ Bishop, there were legitimate reasons. Moreover, the lady from Seattle at that time captured my heart with her version of Jimmy Lafave's "Give Your Sweet Love To Me" – a fine cover. So we had to wait until now before the successor 'Roses Guide to Time Travel” saw the light…but…patience is a virtue and clean as the music brings a kind of pleasure which human nature can not do without.

    Nancy K. Dillon clearly appreciated our repeated message to the singer/songwriters to include the lyrics on the album inlay and she was also kind enough to add a note to each original song of her authentic Okie-roots music. You can through CD Baby for the mere sum of $15 or $10 - in one ear- and eye-catching way - witness songs about time, trains, forgiveness, redemption, lovers dancing in the desert ... plus a murder ballad ghost story !

    The ticket "An original new talent" again from the dust will probably get a bit exaggerated, but for those who only now hear the efforts of this avant-garde folk/Americana singer-songwriter will probably be caught with open mouth to enjoy gems such as "All the Pretty America" (I kept thinking how much prettier and more innocent America seemed when I was a girl), "Looks Like Rain" - with Steve Smith/mandolin, Paul Elliot/fiddle & Grammy award winner Stacy Philips/Resonator guitar and "The Ground She Walks On" - with Danny Barnes/National Steel guitar. There are other sometimes "Good Old Friends" of the party on this disc: co-producer Michael Hill/guitars - vocals, Gavin Sutherland (Sutherland Brothers & Quiver), Chris Parks (Any Trouble), Ian Lang & MJ Bishop make Nancy K. Dillon as comfortable as possible to return to link up with the "Glory Days" in 2004 which took a brilliant start. "No Goodbyes" .... no, you ain’t seen the last of me .... despite the fact that nature, time and patience are the three best doctors, please not that long.