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New Album Underway ~ Cawker City Blues

Hey, y'all....It's 2022 ! Unbelievable! I have news to share: My new album is back on track and on the go again ! This will be my 4th full-length album (Cawker City Blues). It was near half-recorded when the Pandemic shut down progress. Patience is a virtue. I spent the 2 year interim/hiatus deeply listening, imagining cool sounds and making wish lists. Early this December, I was finally able to reunite with recording engineer extraordinaire, Garey Shelton, and we got back to work. I'm feeling very fired up and inspired again and can't wait to finish the record and share the music with you. There are more surprises and plans in the works. I'll keep you posted herein. For now, I wish us all a Happy New (Improved) Year for 2022!